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 Sunday 30th January


What is Shortz?

NEW $493/Day "YouTube" App - Pays YOU Per SECOND Of Tiny YouTube Videos… 

That You Don’t Even Create!

Look - YouTube just sent me some cash!

In fact, they paid me $530, for a 6 second video…that I didn’t even make. 

That’s $100 for per second!

All I did was upload a “tiny, short” video -- to start making YouTube commissions!

And every time I do this, they pay me anywhere from $17… all the way up to $700.

Best of all, these were SUPER SHORT micro-videos - on topics I didn't even know about. 

Because, ALL these commissions were made from videos, that an “AI” made for me by “slicing up” done-for-you videos!

But how is this possible?

Because of a $50 billion loophole I discovered…

A NEW loophole that turns YOU into a YouTube mercenary…

A soldier for hire, getting paid in the battle to take down TikTok!

Over $3k In Cash Prizes

As well as the 100% commissions,  We Have $3,000 

As well as the 100% commissions,  We Have $3,000  JV CASH On The Line - BANK BIG.

Main Contest: $1,850

RUNS Sun 30th January @ 9AM to Weds 2nd February @ 11.59PM Eastern

Speed Contest: $1,200

RUNS Sun 30th January @ 9AM to Tues 1st January @ 11.59PM Eastern

You need to earn the prize amount in commissions. If you don't, you'll get paid the amount in prizes that you earned in commissions.

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100% Commissions For The First 16 Hours

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